The Winter Course in Infectious Diseases
is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, founded 44 years ago

...with the educational/healthcare mission of providing evidence-based information to help clinicians in their decision-making as they treat patients with serious infections from all over the world. The foundation accomplishes this through national, regional and local programs, fellows programs, practice resources and clinical information, as well as clinical studies. 


Welcome to the Remington Winter Course in Infectious Diseases Foundation!

For more than 40 years the Winter Course in Infectious Diseases has served microbiologists and infectious disease specialists by providing education and networking opportunities during and after its annual meeting.  

As our foundation continues to evolve we are excited to introduce our new web platform designed to bring you all the latest information in infectious diseases, keep you connected with your fellow healthcare practitioners, establish local communities of practice linked to each other through our site, and to provide access to clinical trials and other research opportunities.

2017 Digital Library

Missed out on this year's meeting in
Sun Valley?

Our new digital library will allow you to access 26 archived slide presentations and audio files.  

Presentations include:

  • Full audio from the live presentation
  • Video depicting slides as shown
  • Ability to pause, move forward and backward through the presentation
To view topics and speakers please click here or use the Digital Library Tab.

2018 Course Details

Join us for the 2018 Course in beautiful
Snowmass, Colorado!

The 2018 Remington
Winter Course in
Infectious Diseases

February 26-March 2, 2018 

Westin Resort
Snowmass, Colorado

Click Here for
More Information and to Register

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