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48th Annual Remington Winter COurse in Infectious Diseases 

February 6 - 10, 2022

Covid safe policies

We are excited to be back in person in February 2022.  Below are the policies we have set in place for attendees joining us live in Vail.  All plans are subject to change based upon evolving public health guidance regarding travel and public gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Limited attendance: live attendance will be capped at 125 attendees.  This will allow us to provide for proper distancing.
  2. Vaccination attestation:  We will be asking all attendees, faculty, staff and supporters to complete an attestation of completion of a full COVID-19 vaccine series.
  3. Ventilation improvements:  In partnership with the Grand Hyatt Vail, all common areas and meeting spaces being used by the course have updated filters, and air handlers can be set to 100% outside air (Percentages will be updated on site based on temperature and fan capacity)
  4. Testing: If much of the country remains in substantial-to-high community transmission categories in February 2022, COVID rapid antigen test kits will be provided to each attendee, faculty, staff member and supporter for use each morning prior to entering the main session area.  Attestations of negative results will be required for admission to the session area.  PCR testing options will be provided for those who return a positive antigen test during the course, and to those who develop any symptoms of COVID-19 during the course.
  5. Symptom screening: signage will be present at entry to remind all attendees, faculty, staff and supporters to self-monitor for symptoms. Attendees with symptoms will be asked to self-isolate until testing is completed.  
  6. Masking: Medical-grade masks will be available for all attendees, faculty, staff and supporters.  Specific guidance on masking will be provided closer to the date of the course, and will be based on levels of community transmission. 

The Grand Hyatt Vail is 5 - Star GBAC certified. General hotel policies and procedures are below:

Social Distancing Protocol

  • Social Distancing Floor Decal and signage throughout the hotel
  • Private dining rooms available in meeting space for any at risk populations to utilize.
  • Servicing expanded areas for breakfast and après (two busiest meal periods)
  • Utilizing outdoor space to expand our offerings. 

Exposure/Contact Tracing 

  • Exposure Notification App promotion promoted on Digital signage
  • Receiving guests name/contact information for any outside guests dining in our restaurant

Ventilation Improvement Plan 

  • The Conference Center and main building common area air handlers can be set to 100% outside air
  • Terrace common area air handlers are 100% outside air
  • Smaller conference rooms do not have 100% outside air capability. They can provide 10 to 20% outside air.

Increased Public Area Sanitation – Every 2 hours for all high touch areas:

  • Main Lobby
  • Elevators
  • Restrooms

Employee and Guest Symptom Screening 

  • All Employees are temperature checked upon arriving to work and also checked for any other symptoms
  • All guests arriving are asked if they or anyone in their party have experienced any COVID19 Symptoms
  • All guests receiving spa treatments are temperature checked and asked if they or anyone in their party is experiencing COVID19 symptoms

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