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2017 WCID Digital Library

Missed out on the 2017 Course in Sun Valley?   The WCID Foundation is pleased to offer course recordings of the 2017 Sun Valley Course.  If you didn't have a chance to attend the meeting, but are interested in the recordings, we have made them  available for a nominal fee.

Access to the 26 archived presentations below is available for an individual rate of $100 and an institutional rate of $450, for up to 6 members of your staff.

To access the library, please login above or click the link below to register.  After login, the Digital Library tab will be available in the menu bar above.

Please click here to email us or call 303-407-3411 if you have any questions. 

If you prefer to register and pay via check, please use the email link above and request an invoice. 

Please click here to register for access to the materials.

Diabetic Foot Infections: A New Paradigm                                                        A.W. Karchmer, MD

Treating Tuberculosis 2017                       Charles L. Daley, MD

HIV Viral Escape in CSF Patients on ART:                                                      Jane Cecil, MD

Sore Throats                                   Bennett Lorber, MD

Surgical Site Infections - Minimizing the Risk                                                  Richard P. Wenzel, MD

M. chimera Infections Associated with Heater/Cooler Units:                                 Michael B. Edmond, MD

Managing Antibiotic Resistant GNR Infections:                                                    David Hooper, MD

Empirical Therapy for Serious Infections in Organ Transplant Recipients                                                 Camille Nelson Kotton, MD

Top Four Reasons to Change HIV Regimens                                                          Camilla S. Graham, MD

Meningitis                                                 Richard P. Wenzel, MD

Lessons Learned from the Outbreak of Elizabethkingia Infections                         Jane Cecil, MD

Optimal Choices for Treating MRSA        David Hooper, MD

New Clinical Microbiology Paradigm: From Single to Syndromic Testing          Daniel J. Diekema, MD

The Clinical Spectrum of Toxoplasmosis                                    Jose G. Montoya, MD

Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome (IRIS) in Non-HIV patients: Recognition and Treatment                       Jose G. Montoya, MD

Immunizing Older Adults                   Jose G. Montoya. MD

Nontuberculosis Mycobacteria                 Charles L. Daley, MD

Septic Shock                                            Richard P. Wenzel, MD

Listeriosis: An Important Foodborne Illness                                                        Bennett Lorber, MD

Hepatitis C Treatment                              Camilla S. Graham, MD

Evidence-based Treatment of Left Sided Endocarditis: MSSA, MRSA and Enterococcus                                              A.W. Karchmer, MD

Should Your Hospital Buy a Germ-Zapping Robot?                                          Michael B. Edmond, MD

Treatment of Hepatitis B                          Camilla S. Graham, MD

Rapid Diagnostics - 2017                        Daniel J. Diekema, MD

Parameningeal Infections                         A.W. Karchmer, MD

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